Not only is Lastovo still corona free, this year they experienced a baby boom and a great tourist season behind. Lastovo in the last two months has recorded the interest of several foreign families with children who would like to settle on the island. Sounds interesting so far? Keep on reading about little Croatian paradise […]

The only place in the Mediterranean where the time really stands still, Vis island. This is a true gem to visit among more than 1000 islands in the Adriatic coast of Croatia. A lot of things did not change back from Yugoslavia time, the reason being its closure to foreign visitors. To explain a little […]

Did you know that Croatia is one of the world’s best yachting destinations?We bet you did, as the reputation for sailing holidays in the Mediterranean is getting bigger every year. Croatia is a perfect set for yachting charter and all other vessels because of its excellent climate, variety of islands and islets and bays waiting to […]

Croatian is a small country compared to some other European ones. However, in our small country we have nature wanders as well as some of the most beautiful beaches and such a long history line. Those are just 3 of thousands things we can say about this 56,594 km2  country. You could also divide Croatia by its […]

Yachting in the Adriatic is a lot of fun, we’ve covered a lot of reasons why in our latest blogs with the special spots we are taking anyone who decides to join us in the island-hopping adventure. In this blog post we wanted to share with you why yacht charter in Croatia is a perfect family […]

This is the question we get a lot lately and wish to explain everything that is going on up to this date (30th of June), as things are changing almost daily. For now, Croatia still have its borders opened but with a few things to have in mind when wishing to visit our beautiful country. Everyone […]

Elaphite islands are more than just 3 islands which you’ll find in most of the day trips offered in Dubrovnik. It is an archipelago consisted out of 13 islands in total; Daksa, Koločep, Sveti Andrija, Lopud, Ruda, Šipan, Mišnjak, Jakljan, Kosmeč, Goleč, Crkvine, Tajan and Olipa. Only 3 of them are permanently inhabited and those […]

Admire the beautiful Croatia coast at sunset on an evening cruise around the Old Town Dubrovnik and island Lokrum. Get on board one of our boats for a private cruise with your captain and enjoy mesmerizing views of southern Croatia’s gem, with a picture-perfect sunset as your backdrop. This is the most romantic thing you […]

Croatia is located in Easter Europe with Adriatic Sea as the border with Italy. Croatia is and has always been a vacationer’s paradise. One of the main reasons a lot of famous people around the world visit Croatia is its natural beauty and crystal-clear water while island hopping. A private yacht is the best solution […]

True pristine nature can be found still in Croatia, especially in Croatian islands. One of those is island Mljet. Close to Dubrovnik, only about a 2 hour boat ride with no other stops, you find yourselves in this nature wonderland. Unique opportunity to discover the natural splendor of Mljet and chance to explore this island is […]