Not only is Lastovo still corona free, this year they experienced a baby boom and a great tourist season behind. Lastovo in the last two months has recorded the interest of several foreign families with children who would like to settle on the island. Sounds interesting so far? Keep on reading about little Croatian paradise island called Lastovo, just a couple of hours boat cruise from Dubrovnik.

Island Lastovo falls under Dubrovnik’s county and is a true rare example of untouched nature very rich in marine life and plant diversity. This is a real off the beaten track place. That is why most people usually decide on visiting this island We at Dubrovnik Boat Charter have this remote island in one of our yacht charter itineraries and can be in your too when we make your tailor-made experience of stunning beauty in nature without any big crowds.

In this Adriatic archipelago is home to Lastovo Nature park a great spot for outdoor activities and exploring lots of hidden in plain sight natural gems. This island is an amazing choice for travelers whose intention is to relax and spend a peaceful vacation while yachting the Croatian islands. The island itself is covered with more than 70% of forest and among 45 other smaller islands in the archipelago, Lastovo is the biggest one and the only island in Croatia that is declared as official nature park back in 2007 as a whole island.

Do not expect something fancy on some of the other islands in Croatia regarding accommodation options. Well first of all, you’re on a yacht charter so your accommodation is 5 start floating hotel, but what we’re trying to say is that on the island there is only one hotel. It is secluded and private. The best option regarding visiting the island and sleeping in the archipelago to discover more of its secrets, is by renting a private yacht.

While you won’t find sandy beaches on the island or lots of amenities to keep you very busy all the time, what you do get is no sprawling resorts or giant hotels, no nightclubs, no crowds. Instead, you’ll get a stunning, remarkable, amazing, untouched gem that emerges furthest from the land in the Adriatic.

Long walks by the beaches are one of the best things to do while on the island and it is quite a rewarding activity because you will be joined by beautiful tranquil sound of the splashing sea.

Lastovo does not have a large population, only a few hundred people live on the island, that’s what it gives the old vibe for all tourists. Tourism and agriculture are the two main sources of income, especially with the islands more than a thousand sunny hours per year a lot of agriculture succeeds great. Also, there are plenty of vineyards on the island. The main town is called Lastovo, a very small town that actually seems like it’s been built of only one stone. There is a Church of St. Cosmas and Damian from the 14th century. Visitors can still witness the Venetian architecture that has survived mostly untouched from the 15th and 16th century. It tells of the history of the island and the local’s long standing Roman Catholic traditions.

The reason why Lastovo Croatia is so attractive to travelers even today is because it still is largely undeveloped and it is a great place to experience the untouched beauty of nature.