5 Things About Croatia Islands

Croatia has steadily risen up people’s must-visit lists because to its gleaming Adriatic coastline, 1244 islands, absolutely fascinating cities, and breathtakingly spectacular terrain.

Tourists are naturally drawn to the stunning Adriatic beaches, which easily compete with their Mediterranean counterparts. Croatian islands are a must when visiting the country, that’s why today’s blog topic is what you should know about the islands. Although there are more than 1000 islands in the country, you should also know that only a smaller part of that is inhabited, the rest are non-inhabited. Take in all the suggestions and recommendation we have to give and then let us help you with making the best decision for your vacation.


  1. When organizing an itinerary, don’t overextend yourself.

While it may be tempting to cram as many places as possibly into one trip, you won’t be doing yourselves any favours unless you plan to stay for at least two weeks. If you’re planning a trip to more than one Adriatic island, consider how much time you’ll have in each location and how you’ll get about. If you plan on doing any island hopping, get to know the distances from the land to the islands, also the distances from one island to another. We’ve got some suggestions and already well known routes in the OVERNIGHT CHARTER link of the web menu.


  1. Expect rocky beaches and rough terrain, but pristine and clear Adriatic Sea

Purchase a pair of swimming shoes. The majority of Croatia’s beaches are stony or pebbly, making them difficult to appreciate in bare feet. Simply buy a pair of rubber or plastic water shoes from any resort and you’ll be safeguarding your feet against sea urchins hiding beneath rocks and pebbles.

The beaches of Croatia appear to be gorgeous in photographs and what you see actually IS what you get. The total length of the Croatian coast is dominated by crystal clear water and dazzling coastlines. This is owing, in part, to the fact that the beaches are virtually entirely constructed of rock.


  1. Recognize the Seasons

For the majority of the year, Croatia is a stunning location. However, you should do your homework before going so you know exactly what to expect. That’s why reading our blog posts is the best decision you can make prior to buying the ticket to Croatia. We’ve got you covered in all sections of your questions, suggestions, inquiries and anything else. The greatest time to go is in the shoulder season, between May and September. At these times, there are less tourists, and the temperature is still warm and pleasant.


  1. Croatia is more than just a beach destination.

Besides Dubrovnik and Hvar Island that are the most popular destinations for summer time, there is so much more of Croatia to discover. Our of 1000 + islands in the country, there are so many of natural beauties, so many spots where you can be alone and truly unwind with the sounds of the sea and animals on the islands, so many places reachable only by the boat and still so magical and unique to see and explore.


  1. Dining on Croatian islands is the best decision you’ll make

On the most remotes islands don’t expect fancy restaurants and table settings that you may see on the coast of the country. Wooden tables and old napkins on the tables with the fisherman just bringing in the lunch or dinner you are about to have is the best thing you’ll experience in your culinary journey through Croatia. Don’t miss on the flavour of Croatian oysters which is more robust than that of their Atlantic counterparts.