People from all around the world have heard at least once something about our beautiful Dubrovnik. We have mentioned in the previous blogs that Dubrovnik Boat Charter as a company is located and operating in Dubrovnik and close surrounding area. So far, we haven’t spoken a lot about the city itself as there is just so many mesmerizing things to visit on Croatian islands that this one (very important) stop becomes a sidenote. However, as the coronavirus has stopped the whole world for a while now, the things have changed a lot. Mostly for Dubrovnik tourism. One of the very few positive things about this world pandemic and Dubrovnik, Croatia is that there are no overcrowding and not so many people roaming around the streets during the summer days. It’s much easier to ‘feel Dubrovnik’ and to get the vibe of the Old Town while you walk the bright limestone streets, looking up to the signature red rooftops and green windows of the town. That is why today we decided to talk a bit about top attractions you must visit, see, experience, try while in Dubrovnik.

Old Town is an obvious one, roam through the small stone streets that lead you to galleries, shops and monumental buildings. The more you walk around and act like a true explorer, the more interesting the details you can find. The Old Town has a lot to offer, museums, churches, city walls, Rector’s palace, local green market, art galleries and so much more history within its walls. When you’re done exploring the Old Town and the heats get to be too much for you, we highly suggest that you take walk to the Old Port (within the Old Town). It is the only port the Old Town has and it’s such a beautiful spot to see. Especially if you know that you’ll be getting aboard one of our boats just like the people in Dubrovnik Republic back in the days did, from the same pier, with the same views while sailing away. Our professional crew members will tell you all you wish to know about the sight that is the Old Port and of course about your next stop.