The island is frequently visited by sport lovers as there is just endless opportunities for parasailing, surfing and water-skiing. On the island there is the highest peak of the Adriatic, a mountain called St. Vid, that provides a marvelous view of the whole islands with the panorama of the open sea. The island is full of history relics, so we’ll recommend visiting Blaca Monastery which was built in the 16th century by Glogthic monks. Also, very close to the small village called Murvica, there is a very interesting location called Dragon’s Cave. Getting more interested? Well, you should want to visit this site with all the mysterious writings and drawings on the walls, supposably by the monks who once settled the cave.

We’re getting to the point you’re all waiting for. Well, if you’ve heard anything about island Brac, you’ve probably heard about Golden Horn beach, or you’ve maybe seen the picture of it a thousand times but just didn’t know it was this popular beach on this self-sustainable island. So as the symbol of island Brač, this place should be a must while on the island. It is located near the Bol town and considered one of the most beautiful beaches OF THE WORLD. This destination Is even protected by the Croatian government as a geo-morphological monument. Wondering why? The answer is also the answer to all the questions about why this beach is popular – its shape. The shape of the beach is never the same, depending on the time of the year, on the winds and currents, the ‘horn’ of the beach can be straight or crocked on the side. Although this is the most unique beach that never has the same shape, it is surrounded by the crystal cleat sea that changes its shades from turquoise blue to the darkest blue colors in just a couple of meters.

On the day 5 of this yacht charter program, you’ll be able to visit this beach and spend the night in Milna, a small fishing village located on the west side of the island. Although you can create your tailor-made journey through Croatian islands with our recommendations, we always love to suggest our clients to take a look at some of the most popular programs here.