Adventure called fishing on vacation

If you are a fisherman then you may love to go on fishing type of adventure while in Dubrovnik, Croatia. What do you think about vacationing and doing what you love at the same time? Dubrovnik Boat Charter offers a lot of different types of experiences, among one of the adventures ones is fishing. Three types of fishing adventures wait for you in Croatia with us; Half day sportfishing (4 hours), Full day big game fishing (8 hours), fishing & fun.


Whatever you enjoy is what you will find when fishing in the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea. There’s no doubt that a fishing vacation is a great way to find some memorable time and enjoy the great outdoors of Croatia. Fishing experiences help you create the ideal adventurous getaway. From fishing for sea bass, john dory, grouper, amberjack in the deep waters of the Adriatic Sea to catching tuna in the further area’s is a fishing vacation destination that is sure to please. Experience the ultimate fishing vacation with your friends and family, what we love to call, your crew for the day! Our fishing adventures take all the stress out of planning this kind of experience; the only decision you need to make is what day of the week you wish to go and who your crew will be. Fish for a day, then enjoy all the fun each area of Dubrovnik nearby islands uniquely offer during your fishing and fun day excursion.

Top Species

Sea bass – silvery grey increasingly popular fish, it is fish of the family Serranidae. Did you know? Seabass can provide up to 11 percent of daily value for magnesium and potassium.
John Dory – known in Croatia under the name ‘kovač’. Its meat being a true delicacy, it can grow up to half meter and weight about three kilograms and is delicious prepared on the grill.
Mackerel – small pelagic fish. This fish has a similar body to the spindle. This light blue-green fish is an excellent swimmer and is very uncontrolled and greedy.
Red scorpionfish – This specific orange/red fish has venomous spines, but once those spines are removed it has such a juicy meat inside and is a true delicacy.
Monkfish – or in translation to Croatia “ugly”. This delicious fish with huge mouth and flat brown body is really not that visually appealing seafood, however filled with omega-3 fatty acids!

Those are just some examples of fished to catch while on fishing vacation in Croatia! We’ll take care of the license to fish and adjust it to your price of the boat. What you need to do is pick your boat, it can be a speed boat if you’re going for fishing and fun type of experience or a yacht if you wish to catch tuna (of course if it’s time of the year to catch some tune). On our boats we have all the equipment you’ll need, and our captain and sailor on each boat are very professional and have been to those types of trips with our guests a lot. P.S. They practice during mild winters that Dubrovnik has 😉