Welcome 2022 with big plans for this year! Our team at Dubrovnik Boat Charter consists of mostly young people eager to learn, to listen and to please all of our guests to the maximum. During the winter time there is a small break for us, however we love our jobs so even when we travel privately, we tend to collect impressions. Meaning hear and see what people would love to indulge in while on their vacations and how we can improve even more all our services. With that we would love to announce one more member of our fleet that we will not talk a lot in this blog post, but let you see it for yourself in a while on our web page.

New Year has come and the time flew, so will the months to summer vacation. Croatia is one of the most popular countries in the world for chartering a yacht. A lot of our blogs explain why and how to charter one of our yachts, but this year as there are a lot of inquiries already for preseason months we see a change in travellers’ minds. There is a much bigger will to explore, learn and relax during the time you have off of work and obligations. Coronavirus has changes travel for all of you, but if there is will – there is a way. Dubrovnik Boat Charter has made sure to prepare everything in a safe way for your arrival from the point you land on Dubrovnik airport and our driver pick you up to drive you directly to your private yacht for a new adventure, to the point of yacht being disinfected each time you arrive on-board from any outing. Safety of our clients is always at the first place of all our journeys in the Adriatic Sea. Renting a yacht with your crew for a week is actually one of the best ways to avoid large groups of people and any sort of possibility to get infected. With new wave of travellers, charters are mostly tailor made and we love it. Reservation team at Dubrovnik Boat Charter gives you recommendations and routes to have the most of your time in Croatia. Together we make the most memorable week you’ll most definitely want to do again! What are you waiting for, start planning and get excited in January for the cruise you can take your family and/or friends to, in couple of months!