Yacht charter in easy definition is renting a yacht, in our case it is a motor yacht and start cruising various coastal and island destinations, in our case – Croatia of course. Once you opt for yacht charter you get to have your own crew, a skipper and a captain that are with you on this journey.


Our professional crew is there only to help you with all your needs, not to be in any way an obstacle on your vacation. They will take care of the yacht, of the places to moor, of any expenses regarding the fuel, the harbor fees and also to give you all the tips for the best spots around the route you’re taking. Also, they are very experienced and know where to guide you once you reach a destination you’re headed to. The best restaurants with higher prices, lower prices, homemade food but an also fine dining options, where would be the best place to go our on a date, to go party and what to explore.

Yacht Charter season in Croatia is any time from April up until October, let us explain why.
Autumn does not hit the same at the north of Croatia and south of the country. Dubrovnik, the base of Dubrovnik Boat Charter company is at the south of the country and with that there are several advantages. Spring and Autumn are quite warm and sunny and as it is pre season and post season it means the prices are adjusted so, what can you expect?

Excellent value for money!
June and August are high season, it may mean that your desired boat is unavailable or a bit too high in the price. But if you decide to travel just a bit outside of the most popular months, we’re sure you’ll get to grab the motor boat you fell in love with and the journey of 4, 7 and even more days on the dates you wish. Also, there is a big chance you’ll get a discount on your plane tickets as well, and Croatia is getting to be more and more connected with a lot of big European cities in the off season. Among other benefits of yacht charter in April and autumn is that the Adriatic Sea can be very warm depending on how much sun the area you’ll be spending some time got. No crowds! Yet another huge convenience, it allows you to visit al the unique spots you desired to visit and take the most marvelous pictures from your vacation while enjoying it just like you have your own private bays, beaches, part of the heavenly clear Adriatic.

Authentic and local, there’s no better way to describe off season yacht charter. Learn about culture and history, taste the best local food with fresh ingredients mostly from the gardens in the area you’re visiting. This Mediterranean region will delight you, pick and choose your boat or even your destinations you wish to see while on your vacation and we’ll do the rest.