Yachting as a Christmas gift

You can make a trip feel like a gift by creating an experience around the holiday exchange. Start by picking a theme and planning out your surprise in advance, including creating an element of surprise by making an announcement over morning coffee—or even having it delivered with your organic eggs. If you want to go all out, design a custom puzzle box that contains clues on where you’re headed. You could even create a secret clue book with travel tips for those in your family who don’t love packing. Try making it a game for everyone to get inside and figure out where everyone’s heading. You know the holidays can be a busy, stressful time of year. If you’d like to think less about your gift list and more about quality time with your family, consider giving a vacation as a gift.

    When you take your kids on vacation, they get to see a part of their world they haven’t seen before – much bigger than the movies. Every new experience gives them more to think about and use in their own imaginations when building memories back home.
    You can help your kids be inspired by the world around them. You can help them learn about what is important to their families, and what their cultures mean to them. Vacations are one way to do that. And, when you gift a vacation rather than another object, you will not only be reducing clutter in your home, you’ll be helping another family experience the joy of travel!
    Now, we don’t mean you have to cut out the material things. That’s ridiculous. And impractical. And who wants that? But by showing your kids that experiences build happiness, and give way more meaning to their lives than things, you are teaching them something very valuable.
    If you decide to give the gift of travel as a present, it can actually save you money. This is because most people spend a lot on Christmas presents (over $100 each), so when they’re given a trip as a gift, they can get the same thing (or better!) and save money on Christmas spending.
    There’s another big plus, and it is paying off the biggest expenses before Christmas. If you budget properly, you can actually pay off your entire vacation prior to arriving. Also, there is an excitement factor, as you get to plan all the activities and sights to see (with our help of course), beforehand.

Parents, we have your back. This fun gift is something the kids will enjoy for a while, and you will pick up often. Busy moms and dads deserve a break once in a while too! It’s educational for kids and you too, but the most rewarding part is always in the family bonding. Even if you’re all living together, life always gets in the way, chores, responsibilities, different work/school obligations unfortunately give you less time to spend together. This way you get to grow together, bond and make this vacation as opportunity to spend precious quality time together.

There’s no better way to spend first couple of months in the new year then planning the whole trip together with your family in details. Our professional team is eager to help organize everything with you. Contact us today and let’s start gift wrapping!