Why Croatia is such a popular country

With every new summer Croatia becomes even more popular among people searing for a summer vacation destination idea. You may wonder why is that? In this blog post we’ll answer some of your questions and give you couple of main points. There is just so much to discover and unveil that you’ll have to visit to see for yourself all the rest. Croatian 1246 islands, isles and islets, as we mentioned before Croatia is the best cruising destination, from the smallest once, sunniest once, to the biggest ones with National Parks and lakes within. This is just a must while you’re in the Adriatic at least for a day excursion, however visiting few islands on island hopping adventure, or even a yacht charter will be a truly unforgettable vacation.

Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic as most like to call it. This town is famous for many different things, as one of Croatia’s most historically important cities, Old Town and massive stone walls are a must. It also attracts so many A-list celebrities that during the summer time, on the main street, Stradun, you’re able to walk pass Beyonce and sit right by Lily Allen in the restaurant. It does say a bit about how Dubrovnik is such a luxurious town, but again ask any local or even us for some tips and you’ll find out how to visit without spending a million.

As this year was UEFA 2021, we must mention football. This country is well known for remarkable football players. Most of the players on the Croatian National team were and still are a part of some of the best football clubs in Europe.


Marco Polo, the famous world explorer, was actually born in the town of Korčula. We’ve mentioned it in our blog post – read here. Town of Korčula in the same named island is turned during the summer time into one of the hottest tourist destinations in the country. Of course, not only because it was the birthplace of Marco Polo and you can visit his birth house, now turned into a museum, a lot of people come because Korčula is absolutely stunning. It is often called small Dubrovnik and the reason why you can read in our blog post on how to reach Korčula island.

Croatia is globally known as a tourist destination, nowadays even during the whole year. Still the most popular time of the year to visit is of course the summer time, we all know why – the Adriatic Sea and Croatian coastline. It is such a common thing to put Croatia on your bucket list, even if it’s not there yet – it must be in the first 5 countries you wish to visit in Europe. Croatia is uncommonly cheaper than some of its competitors during summer time for a holiday, but there is so much history, nature, adventure, heritage, festivals, gastronomy and so much more, you’ll need to explore by yourself. We invite you to reach out at info@dubrovnikboatcharter.com We’re happy to help you create your itinerary for this or even next summer in Croatia and make all the best locations for your island-hopping stops.

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