Off the beaten path island Šćedro

This island is not very popularly known among tourists, the one that get to hear its name are usually already on the island Hvar, as the island is located long the south shore of the island Hvar. This is a special little island protected as a nature park, and it truly is an ‘off the beaten path’. With its quiet coves, charming bays and untouched nature beauty, with the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea that surrounds it, it is a must while on a yacht charter!

Once we start making plans for your yacht charter in Croatia, our professional reservation team often suggests some small little spots like this one. Especially if you’re on a route that will take you to the island Hvar, then this is a must. This island has no electricity nor water, but still has 3 small restaurants serving food every day during summer. You’re wondering how? Island Šćedro has a popular of 30 people that lives on the island only during the summer time, once winter hits there are even less people habitant the island. It is known to be a safe harbor since antient times, as when the wind ‘Bura’ starts to blow during the winter time, there is a perfect little bay to hide your boat and stay off the rocky sea.

It is not unusual for our guests to ask us if for one night we can anchor at the island instead of island Hvar, depending on your plans for the night of course. On the island Hvar you’ll get to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the Old Town Hvar and nightlife, clubs, restaurants, etc. Island Šćedro is a completely different story, when you’re on a yacht charter with us, you’ll have a small ‘hotel on the water’, as we like to call it. But for those who come to sleep on the island in a different arrangement, you’ll need to be prepared. Three restaurants that we mention serve only fresh food, meaning, what they caught that day, will be on your plate in the afternoon and believe us when we tell you that it is the best way to taste Mediterranean food!

On the island there is monastery which was abandoned in the 19th century, the oldest remains found on the island are from 11th century and it is a location our captain will surely suggest to visit while there.

There are two main settlements on the island; Mostir and Nastane. Now, there is no one living there, only during the summer time you’ll see people exploring the ruins. Mostir bay is actually the reason the island got its name as it was widely popular in the history of seamanship. It offered protection from the wind and the sea, and the people were so generous that the whole island in the end got the name Šćedro as ancient Slavic adjective štedri, which means generous.

Island Ščedro is also very popular during the summer time for dolphins that love to play in the Adriatic while you’re cruising from island Hvar to island Ščedro. They also get used to all the small boats and yachts sailing through the bays that they’re usually not shy to jump around while you’re truly amazed of how close this animal comes to you with such joy. Do you follow us on social networks? Have a look at out Facebook or Instagram page as we’ve posted several videos, from this year only, of the playful dolphins surrounding our yacht. Now all that’s left to do, is book your dream vacation with us, send us your preferred dates and let’s start planning.