The only place in the Mediterranean where the time really stands still, Vis island. This is a true gem to visit among more than 1000 islands in the Adriatic coast of Croatia. A lot of things did not change back from Yugoslavia time, the reason being its closure to foreign visitors. To explain a little more in depth; as Vis island is the furthest from the coast it served as a Yugoslav military base from 1950s until 1989. During those years only military personnel was allowed to the island with of course some high-ranking members of the government. Much of the people living on the island had to move and find work elsewhere, so the island became underpopulated. However, as the island started to recover from its years of being cut off of the world, another great part of Croatian history started to unravel. We’re talking about the WWII time when Tito, who was a chief architect of the Yugoslavia up until 1991. He was a communist dictator and continued using island Vis as a military base, but also as an escape plan if needed. On the island he had built a large scale of tunnel system, his headquarters was in a cave on the island where he was planning his attacks and strategies.  A lot of the tunnels he had on the island are still intact and definitely a site to visit.

This is a fisherman’s island, so it has a long Maritime tradition both in the main town Vis and smaller one called Komiža. One of the main things our crew members will always highly suggest while in Komiža is to visit a restaurant called ‘Konoba Jastožera’. Its prime attraction is lobster pothouse (Jastožera), they are serving it with spaghetti, with sauces, on a platter with other seafood and its attracting people from all over the world for two decades now. The other main attraction of island Vis is not actually on the island, but on a close by smaller island called Biševo, where we take a note to always bring our clients to marvel at the Blue cave. There is a natural phenomenon that occurs between 11am and noon every day just as the sun is at its peak. It becomes floods with sun rays and the water becomes like a blue light, the whole cave just lights up, that’s a site you’ll never forget!

As the island still has no industry on it and such a small modern-day activity it is largely intact. The nature, the sea surrounding the island, animals and people are still living together in harmony. For that reason, this is the best island to go snorkeling! Do not worry about all the equipment, we have it on our yachts for you to use. If you’re into a little more history unraveling, the rocky coastline of the island was not king to many boats during the past. That is why to this day you’re able to find sunken wrecks of boats and even a plane that went down in November of 1944 at the depth of 70 meters. As the sea is so crystal clear around the island, it is visible even from way above and its exterior is almost intact.

There is so much more we’d like to tell you about this island, but we’ll leave some for you to discover on your next journey to Croatia with us! Let us know the dates you’re available and we’ll make all the arrangements. Keep on reading our monthly blog posts as it gets more and more interesting with every post, also if you have some questions, feel free to let us know on . P.S. Have we mentioned that Stiniva cove, one of the most popular and most famous beaches on the Adriatic is on the island Vis too?