Did you know that Croatia is one of the world’s best yachting destinations?
We bet you did, as the reputation for sailing holidays in the Mediterranean is getting bigger every year. Croatia is a perfect set for yachting charter and all other vessels because of its excellent climate, variety of islands and islets and bays waiting to be explored. Mediterranean is traditionally popular destination, but why not spread your horizons this year and discover Croatian’s islands instead of well-known touristic spots?

Although Croatia is a favored tourist destination as a country, the nature is not ruined. While yachting the Adriatic, you’ll not see huge hotel resorts or any kind of enormous buildings where the nature is threatened in any way. Islands still kept their natural looks at its finest! While chartering a yacht and island hopping, you’ll find pristine cove and beaches that will instantly feel like your private one. A lot of bays and beaches on the Croatian islands are unreachable by land, so taking a private boat and exploring the sights is the suitable way of travel. On certain spots you’ll be alone without any sign of civilization around you, while on the other spots you’ll get to mingle with the locals and get to know the places.

Did we mention crystal clear Adriatic Sea? We believe you’ve heard that sentence several times already, however sparkling clarity and different shades of blue is what will stay in your mind long after your return to reality. The way this turquoise color reflects the shore, it gives the best views of the lush green forests, grey stone walled cities and black and white mountains.

Significant part of exploring Croatia islands in this way is that you get to visit small villages and feel the hospitable atmosphere. People living in smaller villages still have almost the same way of living as their ancestors. There is a lot of history knowledge which locals love to share. Small, narrow streets, plenty of small restaurants designed just like they used to look years ago with wine cellars is what will make you fall in love. In some taverns you don’t have a menu, there is only up to 2 meals you can get. And believe us, those are the best! Chefs are in most cases the owners as well, which will give you only freshly caught options. Have a chat with the staff, or with the owner and after deciding on your meal for the day, hearing about the caught of the day you’re about to have, and tasting it in the end – you are a family. Lot of the taverns are family run; combine that with the friendliness and hospitality we mentioned locals have and you’ll want to eat there every day. For those kinds of places, just ask your crew members. They’ve been at the sea for a long time now, and are well familiar with the best local places for your palate.

Keep moving! Another perk of yachting the Croatia is that you get to see a lot of different places in couple of days. There is adventure on each island waiting for you. Sunsets will never be at the same spot, and sunrise will be with a new view every morning. Now, imagine if you’ve rented a hotel room. Each and every morning you get to see the same view from your room. And that can get a bit dull after a couple of days even if you did get a room with a nice view. In this way, you’re waking up on a boat, look at your window and see calming blue colors of the Adriatic. Walk up the deck, grab your coffee and do some morning stretching on your privately chartered yacht. Every day with a new breathtaking view. If you’re a bit more discovery, adventure spirited – nothing can top this kind of vacation.

Also, did you know that at the sea you can never get stuck in a traffic jam? No, never! Vacations can be a bit trying, especially if you’re dealing with cab drivers, traffic jams, reservation papers, transportation issues, small busy streets.. When on the boat vacation – all that stress goes away! Transportation is handled by us, we meet and greet you at the airport, drive you directly towards the boat and we’re back to no traffic jams on the sea. Stress free and relaxed, just how description for a vacation should be. Especially when you have a crew, so there is a captain who will sail the vessel, there is a sailor man who will assist the captain, and both will assist you with all your needs. All you have to do is have fun!

Let’s describe it this way; immaculate nature, charming places, warm Mediterranean climate, friendly locals, plenty of safe spots to drop the anchor and spend the night, ancient historical towns, energetic nightlife, delicious gastronomy,.. Croatia as a yachting destination.