Croatia is located in Easter Europe with Adriatic Sea as the border with Italy. Croatia is and has always been a vacationer’s paradise. One of the main reasons a lot of famous people around the world visit Croatia is its natural beauty and crystal-clear water while island hopping. A private yacht is the best solution for this kind of bucket list travel through the islands. Despite the common thinking about chartering a private yacht and its prices. The exchange rate is very favorable to most of the currencies, so Croatia in general is actually much more affordable destination than most of the other Mediterranean popular spots.

The options for island hopping are endless, Croatia has over 1000 islands, 1244 to be exact. So, if you’re wondering where to start when planning your island-hopping experience in Croatia, keep reading!
Our private yachts are equipped with lots of amenities like free Wi-Fi, flat screen smart televisions, sound surround system, fully equipped kitchen (incl. ice machine, wine and spirits bar, espresso coffee machine), fully air-conditioned, 2 cabins (master cabin and a guest cabin), 2 bathrooms, etc. Those are the onboard amenities that are usual for our yachts. Only best of the best. But, that’s not all, with that for a charter you get to have snorkeling equipment, sea mattress, stand up paddle boards, underwater scooter…  Sounds good so far? Let’s start planning the island hopping!

Given the size of Croatia, you’ll want to position yourself strategically to start and finish charter in major cities. That’s where you’re in luck, we are situated in Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic. From Dubrovnik we start the adventure, and the finish line is the city Split. If you’re arriving to Split, it’s easy to reverse the order and you depart in Dubrovnik. Let’s start, the most famous, popular and not so known islands, bays, islets, caves and all the rest to visit!

Island Mljet
This is an untamed oasis suitable for anyone wanting a nature sightseeing, history learning and delicious food tastings. Within the island you’ll find yourself on a National Park grounds that combines two inland saltwater lakes and an island. Yes, the island within an island. St. Mary’s island is home to Roman ruins and a Benedictine monastery. Odysseus Cave is on the other side of this large island and is a spot you’ll visit while on yacht charter trip. Read more about island Mljet on this link: MAGIC ISLAND OF MLJET

Island Korčula
Little Dubrovnik as the locals like to call the town of Korčula has been inhabited for centuries which you can see in its culture and history almost everywhere you look. Massive fortress walls are still standing proud as a memory of its many battles that took place over the centuries. Beaches around he Korčula town are small but nevertheless absolutely stunning with small pebbles and a great view of the Old Town.  Read more about Korčula island on this link: DISCOVER KORČULA

Island Vis
Much more remote vibe with smaller number of crowds and impeccable nature’s beauty, island Vis is the spot! The island was actually a former Yugoslav military base, so there are a lot of military underground tunnels and submarine bunkers still in its former shape. This island is much less developed than many other Croatian islands as it is the farthest inhabited island, but here is where you’ll catch the local’s vibe of living and enjoying life. Vis is also home to Blue and Green caves and most famous bay called Stiniva, one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Island Hvar
Buzzing nightlife is not the only thing describing this magnificent Dalmatian island. This one is most popular for the most sunny days out of anywhere in Europe, summer all year long. Picturesque town called Old Town is a place to be, with its history, fortress, Roman ruins, lavender fields and some of the most beautiful Hell island beaches with so many perfect swimming spots are just a few of the dazzling sights to see. Read more about Korčula island on this link: ISLAND HVAR EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW

Are you sold yet? This time we have mentioned 4 islands we love to recommend visiting when in Croatia, next time we’ll talk more about smaller islands you get to visit along the way. Keep following our blog posts and let us know your thoughts.

P.S. Have you seen this video of one of our guests chartering the Adriatic with us?
Make sure you drop a view, you’ll get a live presentation on how it actually looks like.