Admire the beautiful Croatia coast at sunset on an evening cruise around the Old Town Dubrovnik and island Lokrum. Get on board one of our boats for a private cruise with your captain and enjoy mesmerizing views of southern Croatia’s gem, with a picture-perfect sunset as your backdrop. This is the most romantic thing you can do for your significant other while on vacation in Dubrovnik. Get to see the smile on his/her face while overlooking the massive Dubrovnik Old Town’s walls from the sea view while the orange sun rays touch the blue Adriatic Sea. Island Lokrum is a beautiful wooded, kind of magical island is situated just across the Old Town, so close even that you can see the city walls and people walking on them while standing at the islands highest peak.

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Start will be easy, the starting point can be from the Old Town’s old harbor right after your walk through the vibrant city streets, or from the Gruž harbor. If by any chance you decide your starting point will be from the Gruž harbor, in that case our private driver comes to your accommodation, picks you up at the prearranged time and drives you directly to your private boat. In that way you get to enjoy the rays of sun from the sunset following you while the captain cruises from Gruž harbor, passing Daksa island, all the way through the bays, ‘newer’ parts of Dubrovnik up to the Old Town. Grab a glass of Prosecco or wine with light snacks and other drinks on board. This private 1.5-hour cruise makes for a romantic evening or relaxing activity with friends and family or just your romantic date for a special occasion. Believe us when we tell you that we’ve had more than a dansant surprise proposals on these magical evenings too (just a suggestion).

Once getting to the preferred spot near island Lokrum, overlooking the Old Town walls and the open Adriatic Sea, the captain will lower the anchor and let you have your moment. The moment when you see the blue sea waves touching the rocky walls surrounding the Old Town and the sun changing its colors from yellow to orange with a touch of rose and pink… This is just a perfect 2 hours experience in Dubrovnik and one you will not likely forget about! Appreciate this awe-inspiring miracle before snapping the perfect postcard holiday photo to share with your loved ones. When the sun has set, you’ll make your way back over the 50 shades of blue Adriatic Sea toward Gruž port or the Old Town’s harbor, depending on your wishes. Once this panoramic tour ends, you’ll wish to enjoy more moments on a private yacht or speed boat of your choice in the Adriatic. Get to see why everyone falls in love with cruising the Croatia and its more than 1000 islands, all the hidden gems and moments you’ll get to spend with your crew of choice; friends, family, lover.. The way to arrange this is quite simple, there is a telephone number at the top of our web page you can call any time and find out just what experiences await you with Dubrovnik Boat Charter. If you’re an e-mail person, we’ve got you covered too; is your first step towards best vacation ever.