True pristine nature can be found still in Croatia, especially in Croatian islands. One of those is island Mljet. Close to Dubrovnik, only about a 2 hour boat ride with no other stops, you find yourselves in this nature wonderland. Unique opportunity to discover the natural splendor of Mljet and chance to explore this island is what we’ll talk about today.

One of the top questions about Mljet island is how to reach it?
Mljet island can be reached only by boat. There are ferries and catamarans that take you to the island, however please have a good look at their time schedules. The better solution is to rent a boat, not because we’re an agency that will gladly help you achieving that, but because you are free. Once you step on board a yacht or a speed boat, you’re free to stop on other sites along the way as well. If going with a ferry or catamaran, yes, you will stop at different places on islands along the way but, you’ll be able to watch the sights from the boat. With your private one, you’ll be able to stop for a swim, explore many secluded bays scattered along less inhabitant regions and/or reach the island faster. Regarding island Mljet exploring day, you’ll need to have as much time on the island as you can get. Keep reading to find out why exactly.

Have you ever heard of Odysseus from ancient Greek mythology legend? Well, according to the legend, he was the only survivor of the shipwreck on the cliff near the island Mljet. He swam to a cave on the island, not knowing where he was, but it was a shelter for him. Calypso, the nymph and the ruler of the land Odysseus found him self on, ordered the people to find him and bring him to her. At the beginning Calypso actually helped him back to health and gaining his strength back, but banned him to leave the island ever.
Allegedly Odysseus succumbed to her charms and fell in love with the island, he described as ‘’the most beautiful island of all seas’’. With the love they now shared, they had 2 sons. Odysseus still charmed by the ruler was kept on the island for 7 years prior to Gods releasing him of the charm.  There are a lot more legends concerning his two sons and vineyards, olive trees, wells on the island, but we’ll leave it for the guide to tell you all about those.

Did you know that on an island there can exist 2 inland lakes? On this serene beauty island, there are., and both are protected as a part of National Park we highly recommend visiting while going to the island. Salt water lakes called Small Lake and Big Lake have unreal clear water that every water lover needs to see! The National Park was established in 1960 and it quickly became the top attraction on the island for several major reasons. The whole park covers 54 square kilometers with an astonishing interior and coastline beauties. Within the park there are several small but important villages as well like; Soline, Banine Kuće, Pomena, Polače and Goveđari. The National Park represents one of the first Croatian attempts to protect and preserve the native eco-system in the Adriatic coast.

There is one more withing the lake in the inland of the island there is another island!  A smaller one called St. Mary that houses Benedictine monastery and is located in the southern part of Great Lake. On the island Benedictines built the monastery starting in 1177 year and later on added the church as well. The church had several alternations made but the styles you can see to this date are Renaissance, Baroque and most of all Romanesque. The Renaissance monastery built by the Benedictines there are two courtyards and a defense tower, creating a complex.

Island Mljet is worldly known as ‘green island’ because of its lush Mediterranean vegetation, clear waters, picturesque bays and very rich sea life. Vegetation mostly consists of the Aleppo pine and the holly oak with well-preserved forests. The water in the Adriatic Sea surrounding the island is much warmer and saltier than in the north parts of the Adriatic. The island itself was formed by rising from the sea and is located further away from the land then its neighboring islands. That’s one of the biggest reasons why the island Mljet managed to preserve its natural origins, history, sights. Authenticity and pristine nature. Explore the island with us ->Island Mljet!