It is becoming very clear to everyone that traveling in 2020 will definitely not be what we’re used to or what we were expecting. All the industries have been hit hard with COVID-19 outbreak, with travel industry being one of the most global. So many people all around the world have already booked their summer vacations to Croatia prior to the crisis and unfortunately needed to change their plans completely. We’re all staying positive and wish you all are too! There is only one direction we can go to and that one is – forward.

The situation in Croatia is getting better at this time. The National Civil Protection Headquarters has extended some of the measures already taking place, and some have relented. The number of people infected is around 2000 people, and we still encourage you all to be safe and follow your government instructions. However, we wanted to let you know that, for now, the situation is getting a bit better, as the number of people cured is around 1000. Both those numbers are scary, but still very low comparing to some other countries in Europe, especially our neighboring countries.
Taking care of our health is always essential and not the least during these uncertain times where our physical and mental health may be under more strain pressure than normally. During these times, a strong immune system is really vital. We’ve wrote about the healing powers of Mediterranean climate before and need to remind you. Clean and salty Adriatic Sea, sun’s Vitamin D together with warm weather and humidity form a nature’s cure.


Scientists these days are trying to give out all the most important information they gather regarding their fight with the virus. One they keep repeating is; warm weather, vitamin D and humidity, that helps prevent spread of this deathly disease. All of those components we have in Croatia. Lockdown is getting looser in Dubrovnik as per couple of days now, there haven’t been a single ‘new’ person infected. With easing the restrictions, we’re hoping in couple of weeks there will be open borders and maybe even permitting short flights. Vast majority of flights had been cancelled for May and June, but there are a lot of airlines such as Jet2 and Ryanair that expect to resume flights before July and August. The prices of airline tickets are very low, even for flights that should take place in September. Now is a great chance to book your ticket in advance, with these prices you’ll probably never get again.

Sanitation efforts by airlines are now at the highest standard in an attempt to slow down the advancement of the virus. Besides what the airlines do, every single traveler is responsible for doing all that is possible to prevent themselves and anyone else getting infected. This is why we’ve been very careful with disinfecting every last piece of our boats, cars and everything within them. We’re making sure that behind every single person that enters one of our vehicles or vessels we disinfect everything. We did it before and we will keep doing the same, very careful routine of cleaning. Our team of professionals are always there to keep you firstly safe and then entertained.

Unavoidably, there is a huge desire of ‘normal travel’ and what that used to mean. Once everything is over, people will surely travel again as before. It’s deep within our DNA, the desire to explore. In 2020 making travel plans will be a lot different than it used to be. Travelers will priorities their needs on what their dream vacation looks like. That’s why now, more than ever, it is essential to reach out to our Dubrovnik Boat Charter team. We’ll make your travel trip exclusive, care free, safe and memorable. All of that is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury! Follow our social networks and reach out on with any question, doubt, inquiry  or desire you have.