As we’re approaching the end of this weird, long and dreadful year. We’re all hoping for 2021 to be better, prosperous and brighter. In that note, we have decided to make this last blog post in this year about celebrations and festivity. Dubrovnik boat charter has been your partner in making memorable birthdays, bachelorette parties, anniversary celebrations and so much more for more than 10 year now. Not that we want to brag, but we’re the best at making you smile and forget about everything else just to enjoy the moment you’re in. Adriatic Sea is a small one when you’re looking at the world map, but it is a huge one when it comes to making itineraries for your yacht charter.

Let’s start with making the best anniversary spend with family vacation in Croatia. Starting from Dubrovnik or from Split you’ll get to visit some of the most beautiful, far away from shore sights. Brac island and its uniqueness and unspoiled nature with so much rich cultural heritage. This island is also famous for its pebbly beach Zlatni rat, that you can see at 90% of postcards from Croatia. It’s never the same as it changes the direction of its top due to the sea currents.
The sunniest spot in Croatia and the Adriatic Sea with almost over 2,800 hours of sunshine per year, island Hvar is your destination for the day. Stone houses, narrow small streets, stunning waterfront and the fort overlooking the whole Town of Hvar are just some of the most beautiful things you need to visit. Strolling around the Old Town of Korčula that resembles Dubrovnik Old Town with the stone narrow streets and the fortresses is a must on your yacht charter experience in Croatia.
Mljet island is next on your anniversary travels. Disembark to explore the National Park at your leisure, visit the inland saltwater lakes, Benedictine monastery with the Church of Saint Mary situated on the Isle of Saint Mary on the Great Lake, and enjoy wonderful scenery this island is famous for. You get to decide alongside our crew members where you wish to have the most special celebration. Our professional captain and reservation agents will have the best suggestions on the best way to celebrate. Plus, can you even imagine your family all together spending time on a yacht charter in Croatia summer vacation? Sleeping in the most comfortable bed while floating in the sea, mornings looking over your bedside window to the most beautiful little villages and sunny glittering sea waves.

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Bachelorette parties are the most popular in Dubrovnik in one day experiences. Balloons, champagne and inflatable floating drinks are a must. Music will be your choice of course and we’re happy to connect it to all our loudspeakers on board for your amusement. No worries we know that one of the most exciting parts of getting married for the bride-to-be is her bachelorette party! But we also know planning this anticipated weekend is hard and that’s why we’re here to help you with every last detail. If you’re looking for out-of-the-box bachelorette party ideas, this yacht day is the perfect thing for you! So why not give yourself a chance to have fun on the open Adriatic Sea? You’ll get out on the crystal-clear water, soak in hot sun, and do something less traditional than a night of clubbing. Most definitely this will be a party you’ll never be able to forget. It is easy to reach us, our e-mail is written at the top and bottom of our web site; . Also, click follow on one of our social media pages, we’re on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, where you can see a lot of similar celebrations, we’ve had a chance to be a part of. We hope you’ll keep following our monthly blog posts in new year as well and we wish you all a happy new year!