The customary yachting season starts in April and usually lasts up until October in Croatia. Note that some of our yachts start cruising the Adriatic as early as March and some still do all through October, depending on the weather conditions. The season is approximately four to five months long, the remaining period is used for polishing up the yachts, making improvements, preparing for next season and so on..

Each year is slightly different than the other, so it is a bit difficult to determine the exact point of start and finish of the season. This year, we believe that we can all agree, is the most difficult year and season from all the rest. This 2020 will be remembered for a lot of various things. With this article we wanted to show you all the advantages for yachting the Adriatic Sea in the off-season months.

The islands and ports, all the historical attractions and old parts of towns, museums and different tourist locations are quitter and less crowded. It is easier to find your way around and truly get to meet the culture and spirit of the sight you’re visiting. Good time to charter a yacht is generally not in the peek of the season (July-August) if you wish to avoid the crowds and the heat. It is from April -May and September – October. This September, for instance, the weather was pleasant with temperatures reaching up to 28 degrees at some days, the sea temperatures were high as well, so swimming was advisable. In September time there is a greater choice of berths and anchorages for your Croatian vacation and the onshore tourists are not present in their largest numbers, nor in groups. Avoiding large groups of people, crowd, gatherings and similar is advisable by WHO and to keep you safe we will make your itinerary first-class satisfying and private.

Tailor made yacht charters are our specialty!

Be impressed by the sheer beauty of Croatian islands, hundreds of years of history, lush greenery, numerous heritage sites and national parks, Mediterranean cuisine and always welcoming atmosphere. As we love to mention, there is only one way of exploring all the beauties Croatia has to offer, in style, ultimate comfort, safety and privacy – chartering a yacht. Croatia has been one of the favorite spots for yachting and cruising for years now, whether you wish to experience a one full boat day or take a luxury hotel on water – charter a yacht. Anything from smaller, speed boats right through to large luxurious yachts, there is a boat for everyone with Dubrovnik Boat Charter. Some charterers are pretty clear on the idea of a perfect boat, while others may need some help and suggestions and this is why our team is here to help you choose the best suitable boat. Just remember that this is a fantastic way to experience the best of the Croatia’s coastline and the best time do it is now. A yacht charter allows you freedom, choice and privacy in some of the most spectacular locations.

Can you imagine yourself on a yachting trip in the Adriatic now?