Today’s blog post will be about tips and must visit places for any first-time traveler to Croatia. We’ll talk about general tips, how to get the most of your week trip, all of the misconceptions and hidden gems. Even if you’ve been to Croatia before, this will be very helpful too! Let us know your thoughts and comments, if you think we’ve missed something or if you’ve ever been to any of the places we’ve mentioned.

So, let’s start by taking you to one of our chartered yachts, we are a yacht charter agency after all. But let us explain why this is THE BEST way for you to explore the most out of history, gastronomy, national parks, visit most of the country, and so much more.. The journey will begin in Dubrovnik, the southest town in Croatia. This perfect itinerary will include stops in the major cities and the smallest most local villages so get your cup of coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy the read before you buy the plain ticket to Croatia. While in Dubrovnik, explore the most of the Old Town you can, so many small narrow stoned streets to explore, churches, monuments and so much history still vividly seen in the town. Once you’ve finished exploring, the yacht will be waiting in the Old Port of the Old Town, now imagine that grand exit. Picture this; slowly cruising away from the massive city towers, fortresses and walls, warm sun rays on your skin and summer breeze in your hair, the Old Town backing away from the sight as you continue towards many Croatian islands. Now, that would be the most perfect shot from your holiday so far, believe us! Yachting through the Elaphite islands, the closest ones to Dubrovnik, while stopping for a swim and the most memorable floating lunch, we’ve talked about it in one of our previous blog posts, so feel free to click here to learn more about Elaphite islands.

After you’ve been already two days in your 5-star accommodation at the Adriatic Sea, on the third day get ready to sail to the island and town locals like to call ‘little Dubrovnik’ – Korčula island, Korčula town. Yes, the main town is called the same as the island, we’ve talked about this Marco Polo island, why it’s called that, what are the specifics and must-see spots here. As Korčula is only one hour away from Hvar and such a different vibe, that’s where yachting will continue on day 4. However, Hvar island will not be stop for a day, spend at least two days in the area, as Hvar island is surrounded with smaller islands very much worth visiting – check out why and what here. Swim in the green cave, and take a boat through a tiny opening into the most magical blue cave. Stop at one of the most famous Croatian beaches, Stiniva beach on island Vis and see why it’s often called one of the most beautiful beaches IN THE WORLD. Plus, once you visit this island, you’ll get a filling like coming back to history, as the island opened its doors for visitors as recently as 1989. Keep on following our blog posts every month as the next subject will be island Vis and its story. Continuing your sail after quite a few days toward island Brač and final destination Diocletian’s town Split. Drift away in the ancient meet the new while wondering through this vibrant port town. Brač island and the marvels that you can expect while there you’ll be reading soon too!

You can easily change or adjust this itinerary based on your vacation dreams; this is our suggestion. You can find some more popular suggestions here; 7-night yacht charter in Croatia.