Yachting in the Adriatic is a lot of fun, we’ve covered a lot of reasons why in our latest blogs with the special spots we are taking anyone who decides to join us in the island-hopping adventure. In this blog post we wanted to share with you why yacht charter in Croatia is a perfect family vacation waiting to be tailor made just for your family. It can be a wide family going on a cruise all together in 2 yachts, having the times of their lives. Dubrovnik Boat Charter has had those kinds of adventures already and we can’t be more pleased with the feedbacks we got. That’s why, this blog post will be about all the advantages of having your private yacht for the most memorable vacation in Croatia.

It is very easy to entertain children and adults onboard a yacht, especially if you decide on taking a trip with us. With paddle boards, inflatable toys, snorkeling equipment and so much more entertaining collection onboard our yachts, this is a sea fun guarantee.

Navigating to set sail, making a young sailor and learning kids on how to tie knots are just some of the amusing activities in which all family members can participate. Our professional crew on board with you will be more than happy to explain whole itinerary day by day with you, make small changes depending on your wishes and impress you with the most beautiful little spots along Croatian shore.

Yacht charter lifestyle is without a doubt the most thrilling experience you can have with all your family members. Connection while at the open Adriatic Sea indulging in the magic of curiosity of outdoor learning, all the nature beauty Croatian islands hold, lively little towns to discover are just an enormous ‘plus’ to making these plans for your 2020 summer visit! This is a true escape from reality of the today’s world and we believe everyone should have it this summer, with the world going a bit crazy for the last couple of months.


Croatian borders are opened for travelers all around the world for couple of weeks now, we’re making new plans with all our guests waiting to arrive as soon as possible. In today’s world where children are mostly taken over with screens and very busy schedule, this type of vacation makes them participate in every moment. Activities onboard and on the locations on your route will leave them little time to be switched on to their phones and more involved with the action taking place.

Chartering a private yacht is one of the best vacations you can have this summer to relax and unwind. Besides the well-known 3 days / 2 nights4 days / 3 nights and 7 days / 6 nights charter experiences we have organized already, Dubrovnik Boat Charter makes your own tailor-made plans. Share with us your desires, have a look at some of the most wonderful places we can take you here, let us know your wishes and let’s start planning Croatia holiday.