This is the question we get a lot lately and wish to explain everything that is going on up to this date (30th of June), as things are changing almost daily. For now, Croatia still have its borders opened but with a few things to have in mind when wishing to visit our beautiful country. Everyone from the EU will be able to enter Croatia, and from third countries only under certain conditions. Exceptions are health professionals, those caring for the elderly, cross-border workers, diplomats, police officers, travelers in transit, people traveling for tourism or other business reasons, people traveling for schooling or other urgent reasons.

In other words, you are able to visit Croatia and enter our borders, however you still need to have an accommodation reservation printed out or on your phone to show at the borders. Furthermore, we would like to encourage all you who wish to visit Croatia and already have plans and accommodation booked to visit the site . On the site you will find a form a fill, it’s quite easy and can be done very fast. That announcement certificate which you will get after filling in the form, together with the confirmation of accommodation is more than enough for you to enter Croatia.

We at Dubrovnik Boat Charter would love to welcome you all to Croatian coastline, as for now nautical tourism is in full blast. The season has started, summer is in full swing in Croatia, with the temperatures in Dubrovnik reaching up to 30 degrees and the Adriatic Sea temperatures up to 23 degrees.
Tourists from all over the world with a special passion about boating, yachting and chartering during their vacation time are thrilled. The crowds are not at all like any year before, so the Adriatic islands are just like your private islands with a few people living on them. The bays are not crowded with all sorts of vessels and the caves are waiting lonely for visitors.
While a lot of luxury yachts journey through the Adriatic to the few same most popular places, we’ll guide you to the hidden ones, secluded and unique. Take time for yourself, your friends and your family. Gather together and run away from your regular life worries to a calmer place, to the clear blue shades of the Adriatic Sea. Dubrovnik Boat Charter pride ourselves on cleanliness of all our boats, regardless if it is a motor yacht and the size is 12m, or if it is a speed boat sized 7m. Doesn’t matter if you’ll be sleeping on board or not either, we keep our vessels clean, disinfected and ready for the new adventure on the way. Crew members that take care of all our guests upon their hopping on board are listening to the news every day, making sure your holiday gets untouched and according to the plan you wish to have, for the entire stay with us. They will know exactly what are the best places to dine and wine, which is the clearest dock to anchor and the most astonishing sights to visit.

According to your desires for a perfect getaway, our reservation team will provide with a several options, after which you get to say what you like the most and be the planner yourself. We will help with all the suggestions, and with keeping your mind at rest while taking care of all the things that might worry you on your vacation. Contact us with confidence and trust & let’s start making your dream vacation a reality!