Valentine’s Day is approaching and you’re thinking about taking your special someone on a romantic trip? Why does it need to be on Valentine’s, that one special day can be any day of the year as long as you’re spending it with the one you love? With that said, why don’t we start exploring the option of making that special day into a week, and then exploring the option of making it into a vacation, and then… We’ll not get way ahead, just keep reading you’ll get the point.

We’ve all had that moment where you look at the calendar and all the chores you still have to do, all the meeting ahead and life’s obligations, free time is just a luxury and vacation just falls off the calendar all together. We’re glad to help with this not so simple task. It doesn’t matter if it’s a weekend without the kids or a couple of days longer business trip where your loved one would join you; the end result is few days in a different environment, unique destinations and luxury pampering. It will most certainly make a difference!

If you’re one of those people in search of romantic vacation spots this year, in hat case you need to plan a trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Dubrovnik’s old-world charm and breathtaking views over the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea will inspire romance immediately. Just a few quick e-mails away is your romantic Adriatic island getaway.

Summer weather in Croatia is hot, so your partner and you should just throw on the bathing suit and couple of more easy thin clothes and you’re set to go. Dubrovnik itself is a magical, inspiring and most of all romantic sight. But, believe us, there are island villages, beached, bays and other locations spread all around the great archipelago near the main town. Those are particularly romantic sights.

In this part of your planning of this romantic Croatia vacation, you’re already set on the destination. Now, what you need to do is make sure you’ll be doing things you both adore and enjoy in. Also just imagine checking something like yachting days off your bucket list TOGETHER! We’ll help making the best decisions the most magical spots, best restaurants, the most amazing adventures on each sight and best of all you don’t need to worry about any of those things nor about the accommodation. Just imagine walking up and falling asleep on the yacht. No rocking as the yacht is very much steady, but looking through the window over at the Adriatic Sea is a sight that never stops amazing you!

Regarding the islands and final destinations to visit, we have several different options to chose from. Our favorite ones are Hvar island, Korčula island, Mljet island and Montenegro country. Let us explain why. When going to visit any of the above, you can do it in a day, but for Montenegro country and Hvar island you’ll not really experience the sights nor be able to truly visit the places. On Hvar island we’ll do a transfer, and that’s not what you want, and for Montenegro you’ll need a couple of days to explore the towns. Korčula island had so many little places and sights to visit and to be all alone at which is the most romantic thing. Your loved one with a glass of champagne on the bow of the boat overlooking the beautiful seashore. Mljet island on the other hand has a National Park within the island, lakes, and in the middle of a lake another island. An amazing sight to visit! Hvar island is the sunniest island in all Croatia and one of the largest ones.  Some of the most impressive place to get your relaxing zen mood on, you’ll not believe it’s possible to do it so fast.

It’s the perfect time to whisk your loved one away on a romantic gorgeous vacation for two. Croatia is waiting for you, and summer days are coming on fast. Forget about the hard planning, not having the time and just leave everything up to us! We’ve handpicked the most romantic destinations to treat you and your partner with the stunning vacation in Croatia.