The Adriatic coast has charmed sea lovers for years, it’s transparency and warmth are two main factors that allure everyone. Temperature grows from north towards the south as well as transparency. Croatia has majority of the islands in the Adriatic Sea with a total of around 1200 islands, islets, reefs and rocks. There is no place like this, with the culture, history, people, food, crystal clear waters and yacht companies that will make your vacation a perfect one. Dubrovnik boat charter is located in Dubrovnik, the southernmost town of Croatia. We promise to transport you to another time while sailing to inviting snorkeling spots, charming natural beauty sights in a relaxed atmosphere.

Planning a summer holiday can be a real challenge, especially if you are seeking a perfect mixture of an enchanting destination, relaxed and cozy accommodation, tasty cuisine, fun outdoor activities and adventures, and finally, some peace and quiet for yourself. With hundreds of successful charters organized on luxury motor yachts over the years, we are happy to present you with an insight on the experiences of chartering.

Dubrovnik and its surrounding islands are a large range of attractive beaches, secluded bays and idyllic paradise views. Charted and aboard one of our luxurious yachts with exceptional service is a recipe for a carefree Adriatic holiday. Motor yachts are perfect vessels for exploring some of the most beautiful parts of Croatia coastline. Our professional yacht rental staff will guide you when picking a yacht to charter, to opt for a perfect one that fulfills all of your yachting requirements. Step aboard for a full week of new experiences with us.

In these busy lives we all lead, there is one thing we could all agree on; time is of the essence. Learning how to spend time wisely, particularly when on vacation is a must. However, we have combined time to connect and disconnect in several different options you can check out here:




On a charter week with us, you’ll get a chance to enjoy Adriatic Sea seductive glitters whilst warm golden sun bathe your skin making your tan glow. Sandy beaches are rare in Croatia, luckily, we have local knowledgeable captains and sailors who will give you all the best insider spots. Not those popular tourist beaches that are prone to over-filling, but places that are only reachable by boat. When chartered a yacht you have numerous possibilities for a world of experiences. From adrenaline filled adventures with underwater scooter to stand up paddle board exploring days. Hop on one of our inflatable soft water toys and float while sunbathing and/or reading latest must-read novel.

Energizing and relaxing, deluxe and economical, ancient and high tech, vibrant and immaculate, Croatia islands are ideal destination for a break from the reality. A luxury yacht charter to enchanting locations of Dubrovnik and the surrounding islands is a unique and unforgettable journey. The stunning coastline will lure your luxury sailing yacht for a week through crystal clear Adriatic Sea.

Leave no stone unturned exploring the Croatian coastline on an excursion with your family and friends. While on the yacht head to the sundeck and spend hours reclining, sipping a drink or two and enjoy the breathtaking views. See every sunrise and sunset, picturesque locations and make memories for a lifetime. Reward yourself with the luxury you deserve and enjoy the most beautiful Adriatic sights with Dubrovnik Boat Charter.