Šunj beach on island Lopud (one of the three Elaphite Islands)
This is one of the best examples of a sandy beach in Croatia. It is situated in the island Lopud, one of the three Elaphite islands with Koločep and Šipan being the two others, Lopud is the middle one. Beach Šunj is facing towards the island Koločep and it is a half a mile-long bay. This island is car free zone, so you’ll not see any type of vehicles close to the beach, maybe some bicycles but that’s about it. That goes if you visit the island with us, with a vessel of your choice as then we anchor the boat right in front of the shallow beach. On the beach there is a beach bar, a lot of greenery hiding it from the main path and you’ll get to see locals playing the popular game of ‘picigin’ in the shallow sea.

Most beautiful beaches near Dubrovnik

Sveti Jakov Beach (overlooking the Old Town Dubrovnik)
Imagine yourself swimming with the background of medieval city walls. This one is located only 20 minutes from the Old Town on foot, however it is largely overlooked by the tourists as the path is not so pleasant. To reach the beach from the Ploče gate of the Old Town Dubrovnik, there is around 20-minute walk going uphill and then you have a lot of stairs going down to this gem. If by any chance you get to use one of our boats, then you first pass by the massive stone walls and have a front row in the sightseeing from the sea. Then we reach this pebble beach for a swim, afterwards if you’re a bit adventurous we’ll take you to the island Lokrum too!

Divna beach on Pelješac peninsula
Divna which translated to English means wonderful, is not so known beach on the Pelješac peninsula. For this one we’ll have to take more than a day trip as it is located in a remoted sight on the North side of Pelješac. It is a combination of sand and gravel with so many different shades of blue in the feet of greenery and grey hills just above. The beach is around 200 meters long, but with no houses near it and the road to it is a bit hidden away from the main road so there will not be many people here, mostly locals. The best part is, that once you arrive with your private boat is that you have shade and beverages on board, as on the beach there is no shade and one informal beach bar.

Žuljana beach on Pelješac peninsula
On the other side of peninsula, the southern coast there is a stunning little seaside village called Žuljana with the same named beach. The beach is one of the largest pebble beaches on the Adriatic with very clean sea due to the strong wind currents. When visiting this beach, we always advise our guests to take our snorkeling gear we have on every vessel and hop in as this is the perfect bay for diving, snorkeling, etc. The facilities you can find here are just a couple of bars and a restaurant, but every time you get thirsty, swim over to the boat and one of the crew members will pass on a drink in inflatable little swan. You can swim around with your drink cooling in the Adriatic Sea while you explore the underwaters. Is there anything else you could ask for?