If you want to book your stay in Dubrovnik anywhere from April to October two of your searches online will be; when the cruise ship come to Dubrovnik and what is the best time to visit the sights and avoid the crowds. You are correct to search those two tips as this beautiful medieval town does suffer badly from crowded streets, roads and sights to visit daily. The Old Town of Dubrovnik is small, streets are narrow and tiny, there will always be another group guided by the guide who wishes to avoid another guided group so he will be on a different corner. You’ll always find crowds in this beautiful town during the July and August, so if you’re really not a fan of a lot of people at the same time on the same place, those are the months we don’t advise visiting. Now, June and September are becoming something like the peak season, however, are still less busy. And then May and October are the great times to visit, regarding the crowds. In those 6-month time period there will certainly be cruise ships arriving to Dubrovnik almost every day. One great perk of our suggestions is the one where you actually escape the crowds.

When you take your private boat on a half day (4 hours) or full day (8 hours) trip or the best option, if you take a charter for couple of days in Dalmatia, then you’ve achieved the goal. If the goal is to avoid the crowds, we would love to give you all the best suggestions and recommendations. Starting with the cruise ship schedule. The problem with that one is that Port Authority of Dubrovnik allows cruise ships (some bigger, some smaller) to dock every day into Gruz port. Exploring Dubrovnik in that way is a bit like skiing and dodging the people stopping to take a picture, stopping to have a look at something, stopping as the tour guide stops, etc..

What we will do for you is to let you know that during the Monday’s and some Sunday’s the number of cruise ships according to today’s schedule of cruise ship arrival are very low. So, don’t expect to be alone with no crowds in the Old Town. Or any other attraction you wish to visit in Dubrovnik for that matter which is popular at any scale. There are still other visitors just like you, who didn’t arrive by cruise ships, but still want to visit the sights. If you’re planning to visit the town during the 6-month prior mentioned, you will never be alone at any of attractions, but on those two days there is a chance there will not be a crowd. Let’s be honest, crowds of people tend to block us from even coming back later to check out the same thing we wanted to see. So, our best advice for you for ‘in the season’ visit to Dubrovnik, Croatia is to let us know when you wish to come and let us plan your vacation.

Why we will make better suggestions than Google itself?
It’s easy, we are local agency, we live in Dubrovnik and we’ll make your charter plans in a way you will be able to visit the Old Town on less crowded days. Not only the Old Town in Dubrovnik, but the Old Town on the island Hvar, and the Old Town on island Korčula, or any other site, island, town you wish to see. The advantages of making plans with us are numerous even if you’re not eager to spend several days on a boat, so no charter plans. Just day trips for you to escape Dubrovnik on the days where so many people will be walking the small streets of the stone walled city.

If you’re ready to have that kind of vacation, with no worries about planning your visit to the Old Town’s attractions in regard to cruise ship crowds we are the stop you need to make and our contact form is very easy. Just like the vacation we’ll make for you!