Croatia coastline is authentic, natural blend of beauty, clear waters and flourishing shores. We understand it’s hard to decide which islands you should visit on your vacation, as unfortunately most of you have up to 10 days of break. No matter if you’re willing to spend couple of days island hopping or just for a day excursion on any of Adriatic gems, we’ll list 3 most popular ones with explanation why that exact one should be on your list too. There is a variety of islands in Croatia, with over 1200 islands, you’ll be able to find the ones where you can feed deer’s, islands perfect for windsurfers, islands with hidden rocky caves, islands where dolphins swim freely around your boat, islands with the VIP cocktail bars, etc..

Did you know that around 80% of Croatian islands are actually inhabitant? You can find range of small islets to bigger islands with only a lighthouse situated on it and we promise you, you’ll be amazed by the purity and nature. To reach some of the islands we’ll list below, you’ll need to take an overnight charter just because it will be easier for you, but keep reading for more information. Without further ado let’s jump into luxury Croatian holiday islands you can’t go wrong with.


Everybody wants to visit this popular jet set hang out spot. We’ve talked a lot about all of the Hvar island attractions in our latest blog -> for those wanting more information. From historic treasures, lavender fields, some of the best cocktail bars and seafood restaurants to secluded beaches, sheltered bays and many rays of sun to catch. It is the sunniest island of all! Especially if you’re on a yacht adventure to the best Croatian islands, this is a dream come true for you. This is not a destination solely for the wealthy ones, don’t get fooled. There is plenty to enjoy in, where you will spend the same amount of money as in any seaside town in Croatia. Locals are very friendly, there are a lot of festivals during the summer time and so much history to discover. With us you can go island hopping and visit this magical island along the way with other marvelous breathtaking islands or you can take a private transfer to island and feel like a star.

Which Croatia islands are a must to visit?


Korkyra Melania meaning Black Korčula is the name the Greeks originally gave upon coming to the island. It’s dense, dark forests, vineyards with some of the most delicious wine you’ll taste with small fisherman villages spotted along its coastline is what attracts lovers of nature of Robinson Crusoe way of vacationing. This island so close to the Pelješac peninsula has its own unconfirmed worldly tale for the visitors. Marco Polo, famous traveler was allegedly born on the island, where later on he was captures in the battle too. Whether this is true or not, it is a part of Korčula’s history and you get to visit museum and house he lived in, upon anchoring to the main town by the same name as the island. The town is also called ‘Little Dubrovnik’ as from the sea it looks quite similar with the fortress, medieval stone walls, beautiful St. Mark’s cathedral which is the finest example of Gothic-Renaissance architecture influence in south Dalmatia. We’ll take you for a day trip, or you can take our transfer to the island and avoid the traffic jams that tend to create during the summer times, or this can be one of the stops with your charter holiday.

Which Croatia islands are a must to visit?


The lushest of them all! Island Mljet is the greenest island of all Croatian islands and we’ve talked in detail about all of the things this island is worth visiting and what you can do while there in this blog. Here, we’ll give you all the main information; it is one of the biggest islands in Croatia, it has National Park within the island that among other nature astonishing sights has 2 saltwater lakes with an island in the bigger one. Anywhere between April and October would be the best time to visit this tranquil getaway. Populated by monks who built a monastery on an island within the Big Lake (one of the 2 lakes situated in the National Park) with only one single road that can take you from one end of the island to the other. Mljet’s history dates back to Greeks that gave the island its name which is actually a word for honey. The island is very active, so if you think you’ve had enough of relaxing in one its secluded bay areas floating in your inflatable water toy (provided by us), go hiking or cycling or even kayaking on this Edenlike spot! If you choose us to take you on this journey, we’ll give you tree options; transfer to the island, island exploring for a day visit or even couple of days on island Mljet while on your charter yachting adventure.