The sunniest spot in Croatia and the Adriatic Sea with almost over 2,800 hours of sunshine per year and one of the largest islands in an area of 56,594 square kilometers (21,851 square miles) of Croatia is island Hvar. This island has its own old Town of Hvar which is the busiest spot on the island where all the magic happens. Stone houses, narrow small streets, stunning waterfront and the fort overlooking the whole Town of Hvar are just some of the most beautiful things you need to visit while on the island. This is a Croatia’s best-known island, home to jet-set stars during the summer months, favorite port for cruising in the Dalmatian Coast. Peak of the season runs from June through September; winter remains calm and relaxed. Economy on the island is based on tourism, but not only that, it is based on faring, olive growing, fishing and most of all cultivation of lavender fields and rosemary.

In this blog post, we’ll answer all the most common questions and worries about visiting this beautiful Dalmatian island. If you think Hvar island is just yachting and partying, you are fairly mistaken. This is a lavender fields island, during the summer time once it blossoms, the whole island becomes a riot of color. There is a village called Velo Grablje (only 10 km from Hvar Town), which is the center of this thriving beauty and if by any chance you’re on the island in June you get to visit Lavender Festival!

Let’s talk about the history. If you know anything about Croatia you know about its nature and history. So, as well as many other cities in Croatia, on the island Hvar you can find many Greek remains, Roman remains and even neo-Renaissance Palace. Historic sea wrecks near the Pakleni islands are a great way to discover lost treasures sunken under the clear Adriatic Sea. When we are talking about Pakleni islands (Hell’s islands) we need to mention that diving and snorkeling experience near these mostly uninhabited islands. The maritime life is a large one so if you take only one mask and breathing tube you’ll be exploring for hours near these islands. Also, there are so many hidden bays, untouched beaches, wild nature surrounding these islands that are so close to the island Hvar, where you can be all alone and have your private spot.

Island Hvar everything you need to know

Authenticity can still be found in Hvar island, although it is so famous for party yachting people. On the islands (Hell’s islands) there are couple of taverns where you can indulge in the ‘meal of the day’. We’ve already talked about similar thing in our CROATIA AS A YACHTING DESTINATION blog. Mostly family owned taverns are the ones where you’ll find authentic Mediterranean food. Our favorite ones are the ones where you can eat only the meals that were caught that day and picked up from the garden that day. That is the true Robinson Crusoe adventure you can have on the island Hvar and in the lot of nearby islands.

Yachting and partying day and night are what mostly attracts a lot of jet set public to the island. There are plenty of beach clubs, hangout spots and even an exclusive island club where you can dance all day and night. Starting off with the Hula Hula beach club that was made in a Bali like setting and is a preferable choice for most celebrities. Not to worry, you don’t need to be a millionaire to visit this popular hangout spot, nor any other for that matter. It always depends solely on you; how much you wish to spend on anything. There are drinks that are affordable as well as the restaurants and taverns on the island Hvar and surroundings. But we’ll leave that to our crew member to suggest once taking you to this adventure yachting experience. The main thing you’ll need to do is to let us know you wish to have this experience in a luxury way and then decide on the crew (besides our crew) you wish to spend it with. Our crew members are all professionals and locals who have visited the island many times and can and will give you all the best tips on what to do, where to go and how to achieve the ultimate Hvar experience. When ever you’re ready to set sail with us, we are ready to take you!

Island Hvar everything you need to know