• Escape the crowds and go island hopping in comfort and style
  • Visit Kolocep, Lopud, Sipan
  • Go swimming in the pristine waters and discover hidden sea caves

Escape from the crowds and enjoy in explorating the beauty of  three magnificant islands which form part of the Elaphite islands. Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan each possess a unique beauty and history which must be experienced when visiting Dubrovnik. Enjoy visiting these islands by boat and don’t miss the opportunity to explore hidden bays and sea caves, go snorkeling or fishing along the way. All of which you can best experience on a private excursion where you have the flexibility to do what you prefer at your own pace.

After departing from Gruz habour we first approach the island of Kolocep (locally known as Kalamota) which along with its enchanting reefs is also home to a popular sea cave which can be the ideal break for swimming and snorkelling if your feeling adventurous. After Kolocep we continue to Lopud which is the most popular and populated of the Elaphite islands. We visit the unforgettable beach of Sunj with its sandy beach and clear waters is a great stop to bask in the sun and take a refreshing swim or go snorkeling. Lopud is also home to pine and cypress parks, historical monuments and medieval architecture that are worth exploring as well. Sipan is the largest of the Elaphite islands and the last island we visit. We stop at the small fishing village of Sudurad where you can visit Skocibuha summer house. Time for lunch is available at local waterfront restaurants on any of the islands. Our crew is able to recommend great places to enjoy seafood specialities in an authentic ambience. After Sipan we head back to Dubrovnik, time permitting we can make another stop at Lopud or Kolocep.

This itinerary is flexible and serves as a guide only. The crew is available to provide suggestions and recommendations on things to see and do based on your desired experience.

Half day excursion (4 hours) or Full day excursion (8 hours)

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